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Brush Cutters

For overgrown brush cutting, brush cutters from Alexander Equipment Company, Inc. can clear tall brush or to clear paths for other equipment. Alexander Equipment Company, Inc. carries professional tree service quality brush cutters that are self propelled and can take on anything hidden within the brush without damaging the machinery. Brush cutters are built to not be damaged by rocks, sticks, logs, or debris hidden along it’s cutting path.


The two-wheel rear drive design of brush cutters allows for maximum maneuverability and adaptability to different levels of terrain or divots or mounts that come naturally in the outdoors.


For more information on brush cutters from Alexander Equipment Company, Inc. or to get an in-person view at the machinery we have for sale and for rental, give us a call at 630.663.1400 or fill out the form along the right.


Brush Cutters for Commercial Use

Brush Cutters


Maintaining grounds and landscape for cities, sub-divisions, and county or state highways is a big job for any tree service company or landscaping company so we offer brush cutters that can do the bigger jobs on a commercial level. The brush cutters are meant for clearing a lot of overgrown weeds, grass, and plants that would otherwise clog or stop a mower or trimmer. These brush cutters are designed to cut paths effectively and quickly, every time. The commercial applications are vast but we commonly sell to contractors that maintain or clear land for property developments and cutting back overgrowth along major highways is brush cutter essential landscaping.


Brush Cutters for Residential Landscaping


While brush cutters clear large paths as wide as the cutting deck, the residential application can always make the job easier of clearing overgrown properties with weeds and grass. Also brush cutters are great for clearing before you build something as well.

For more information on purchasing or getting a demonstration of brush cutters for your home or business, please call Alexander Equipment Company, Inc. today or fill out the easy-to-use form along the right and we will get back to you shortly.

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