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New Morbark Brush Chippers for Sale in Lisle


Whether you are an entry-level arborist or a large tree service company, you know you can trust the Morbark brand. Established in 1957, Morbark has led the industry ever since, which has led to a reputation of excellence in the Arborist community. As a testament to this, Alexander Equipment Inc.’s first equipment we offered to our customers were Morbark Brush Chippers. In 1988, we’d park the equipment at a local storage facility and schedule demonstrations with customers. When they’d sell, we would simply drive back to Morbark and pick more up. The foundation of our business was built on Morbark Brush Chippers, and we maintain a passion for that equipment line to this day.


If you’re interested in looking at our available Morbark Brush Chippers, from new and used, or any other piece of heavy equipment, call Alexander Equipment Inc., today at 630.663.1400 and one of our passionate experts will be happy to chat about your options. Or, you can fill out the form on this page and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Used Morbark Brush Chippers Available


Quality products can often times be outside of your typical company’s budget. While the initial cost is high, the quality of the product leads to durability and reliability, so that you aren’t bogged down constantly repairing the equipment in question and being unable to complete your work. Fortunately, because of the high-quality manufacturing of Morbark, used brush chippers are available and work as good as new! We have wood chippers available and in working order from the 1990s, ready for you to take off the lot and start your job.

All used equipment at Alexander Equipment Inc., is thoroughly inspected and parts are replaced as needed. Bearings, belts, clutches, and other parts that are more than 50% worn are replaced. Any chipper knives or grinder teeth that are worn are swapped out, and we change fluids and filters. Your piece of used equipment will be almost as good as new!

If, for some reason, your used Morbark brush chipper isn’t what you were expecting or perhaps it’s not powerful enough, we offer a 3-day satisfaction guarantee to all of our used equipment. We will provide you a refund, minus any costs we deem necessary to repair the equipment should it have experienced any additional wear and tear. There’s almost no risk to choosing Alexander Equipment Inc. as your arborist equipment supplier.



Financing Available – Stop by our Store

Power equipment for arborists can be expensive and hard to evaluate online. Fortunately, Alexander Equipment Inc. has a huge facility in Lisle with a convenient store front for you to come and visit and inspect the equipment in person. Our staff are incredibly knowledgeable with years of experience and can help you pick the exact right piece of equipment for the job at hand. If there is an item you truly need, but don’t have the funds immediately available to purchase, we offer competitive financing on new and used equipment with terms up to 72 months. You can visit our Financing page and fill out our application and send it in. Typically, approvals will be granted within 24 hours, so you won’t have to wait long to come pick up your new favorite tool.


Ready to purchase one of our new Morbark Brush Chippers or another piece of equipment? Call us today at 630.663.1400 and chat with one of our amazing team members. Or, you can fill out the form on this page and someone will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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