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Stihl Chain Saws near Downers Grove

Everything comes with a pros and cons list but when you’re working with Stihl Chain Saws, you’re likely to experience more pros than cons. A chain saw is best utilized when you want to quickly and efficiently trim branches on a tree, cut a tree down or even trim other bushes in your yard. Stihl Chain Saws can be gas or electric. Choosing which one you need shouldn’t be an issue but if you find yourself having questions, give the experts at Alexander Equipment a call at 630-663-1400 or you can fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch.

Stihl Chain Saws: Gas vs. Electric

Make no mistake, the main reason a consumer will choose gas Stihl Chain Saws is because of the power level it carries. There are two cycle engines that make them much more powerful than electric chain saws. Another great advantage to gas chain saws is the cordless factor. If you’re in the yard, you don’t need or want a cord trailing behind you. It just seems like a safety hazard to utilize a power tool with a cord when you have to be mobile.

Electric Chain Saws come with advantages too. These chain saws tend to be a little smaller to handle the smaller jobs in the yard. The blade will be smaller on these power tools too. When you have a smaller tool, then weight isn’t an issue. These smaller machines can be carried easily. Either way you choose, you’re in good hands when it comes to Stihl Chain Saws. The brand is a remarkable product.

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At Alexander Equipment, we’ve been servicing areas in and near Downers Grove. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service. Our customers come from all over to check out our new and used equipment so, if you’re in the market, don’t wait any longer. Give us a call at 630-663-1400 or fill out the form on this page.

Stihl Power Products

Stihl Power Products

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