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Timberwolf Log Splitters

Timberwolf Log Splitters

A Log Splitter is a piece of equipment used to cut firewood into smaller pieces for easy use. The Log Splitter's tons of force makes it much easier to split wood than with an axe. An electric motor powers most log splitters turned on by a hydraulic pump. There are also ways to do this that don't use electricity. No matter its power source, a Log Splitter uses a hydraulic piston to push a log through a fixed blade and cut it in half.

Smaller Timberwolf Log splitters are made for home fireplaces but can also be used for many business tasks. If you work in landscaping, you may be asked to remove a large tree from a yard. You would then use timberwolf log splitters to break up the tree trunk. The experts at Alexander Equipment will know precisely what equipment you need to do the job. Call us at 630-663-1400 or fill out the form on this page, and we can discuss what you should do next.


Using the Timberwolf Log Splitters Safely


Timberwolf Log Splitters can be dangerous and should not be played with. It is important to know exactly what safety concerns there might be. A good log splitter will save the user a lot of time, but trained professionals should do the work, or at least they should show you how to use the equipment right.

If you want to rent or buy a Timberwolf Log Splitter, the experts at Alexander Equipment will be more than satisfied to show you how to use it. Before you leave our place, we want to ensure you know how to use your new heavy equipment well.


Split Logs with Us


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