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Used Carlton Stump Grinders

Carlton Stump Grinders

Your tree is cut, and all the brush is taken away, but you still have that old tree stump in your way. The tree stump tells a story about your tree's age through its' rings. Alexander Equipment Co., Inc. is your answer to removing that old tree stump with opportunities to rent or buy a new or used Carlton Stump Grinder. If you are new to operating a stump grinder, our professionals can help you understand the importance of properly handling a used Carlton stump grinder.


Stump removal is a vigorous and demanding labored process. Renting a used Carlton stump grinder from Alexander Equipment Co., Inc. will move your work along in a more effortless manner. Used Carlton Stump Grinders can be ordered today by phone at 630.663.1400 or fill out the form on this page.

Working with the Right Used Carlton Stump Grinder

Tree stumps are a few things an eyesore, tripping hazard, and attract other animals such as termites. A tree stump can take up to ten (10) years to simply decay and rot. Better yet, if the tree still contains life and receives natural nutrients may grow back and recover from a cut. Ordinarily, a tree stump is located four (4" to 6") inches beneath the ground surface.


The tree stump depth of this nature offers an ideal grinding depth for your used Carlton stump grinder to complete its' task. Does this mean your Carlton stump grinder can only meet these depths? The answer is NO! Depending on the used Carlton stump grinder model, some can continue grinding between 13" and 20" twenty inches. The key to using a Carlton stump grinder is the depth of the stump, and you can only grind to as far as it broadens.


Used Carlton Stump Grinder Rental for a Day

Reading the following now may come to the cost of renting or buying. The average price of renting a used Carlton stump grinder for daily use begins at $375 to upwards of $750, all based on type and model. Alexander Equipment Co., Inc. experts will help you find your best resolution to delete that cumbersome tree stump. When renting any used Carlton Stump Grinder with Alexander Equipment all questions can be acknowledged by calling today by phone at 630.663.1400 or by filling out the form on this page for further information.

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