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Used Chippers

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A chip off the old block may be a little relative here as used chippers are a machine used for reducing wood generally from tree limbs or trunks into small woodchips. Alexander Equipment Co., Inc. contains options for your tree limb or trunk removal. High powered and portable used chippers come in various sizes and models. Used chippers typically carry a hopper with a collar. You may have an optional choice of using a collection bin for the created chips.


Broadly used chippers are equipped with rollers, and these rollers are a safety feature that can be reversed where a branch catches on to clothing if needed. Used chippers can be ordered today by phone at 630.663.1400 or fill out the form on this page.


Five Results from a Used Chipper

Reducing wood into small wood chips is objective and creates various uses. An excellent service for used chippers is applying the wood chips in planting areas and around the base of your trees. Alexander Equipment Co., Inc. has five results to look forward to operating a used chipper in your next landscaping excursion.

  • Voluntarily Available: Arborists use wood chips for pruning with annual recommendations.
  • Eliminates Chemical Use: Wood chips rot and then feed the soil removing the need for a chemical spray.
  • Visually Stimulating: The colors and variety of textures provide contrast to your green grass.
  • Moisture Regulation: The chips created from the used chipper capture moisture then release it into the tree's roots during drought.
  • Temperature Regulation: Maintains the tree's roots temperature during those strenuous hot summer days.


The Right Size and Type of Used Chipper

Tree limbs are taken through a series of belts and knives and exited into a chute or released directly in nearby areas. The used chipper model and size will dictate the thickness and type of wood it can manipulate. Alexander Equipment Co., Inc. carries the types of wood chippers you may need for residential or commercial size applications. When renting any used chipper with Alexander Equipment all questions can be acknowledged by calling today by phone at 630.663.1400 or by filling out the form on this page for further information.

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