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Timberwolf Log Splitters

Timberwolf Log SplittersA Log Splitter is a piece of equipment that is used for splitting firewood. The tons of force from the Log Splitter makes splitting wood easier than using an axe. Most log splitters are powered by an electric motor which is driven by a hydraulic pump. There are non-electric options that can be used, as well. No matter the power source, Log Splitters use a hydraulic piston to drive the log through a stationary blade, cutting through the entire log.


Smaller Timberwolf Log Splitters are intended to be used for fireplaces in your home but there are a lot of commercial uses for them. If you're in landscaping, you may have a call to remove a large tree from a yard, in which you would then utilize a Log Splitter to break up the tree trunk. The professionals at Alexander Equipment will know exactly which machinery you need to get the job done. Call us today at 630-663-1400 or fill out the form on this page and we can discuss your next steps.


Safety First


Timberwolf Log Splitters can be dangerous and should not be played with. It's important to know exactly what safety concerns there may be. A good log splitter will definitely save time to the operator but trained professionals should handle the work or at least walk you through how to use the equipment appropriately.


The experts at Alexander Equipment are happy to show you how to operator one of our Timberwolf Log Splitters if you're planning to rent or buy one. We want to make sure you're comfortable operating your new piece of heavy equipment before you ever leave our location.


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